Private training sessions $75/hour

We offer private training sessions for those dogs who need a little extra attention or owners who have irregular schedules. This option offers the ability to make a training plan most suited for the individual. The first session will be a free 30 minute consultation to meet and greet your dog and discuss what behaviors we need to address.

Canine Behavior Questionnaire

*Service charge of $1.00 per mile outside of the 10 mile radius based on company location will be applied*



Starting at $150/6 weeks (1 hour a week)

The puppy training level is designed for dogs 10 weeks of age to 5 months. This offers basics of introducing new cues to your dog’s everyday life. We will focus on sit, stay, come, and leash manners. We will also work on socializing your new puppy with strangers, other dogs, and new objects.

The beginner training level is designed for dogs 5 months to any age. We offer a class that has no age limit for those who adopted or rescued an older dog and those who were not able to start in early puppy classes. This class will focus on cues sit, down, leave it, and leash manners. We will also work on socializing your dog with strangers, other dogs, new distractions.

*all dogs enrolled in group sessions must be up to date on vaccines; Rabies (if 4 months or older), distemper, Bordetella*